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This is to list the industry speeches of 5.5G&6G in IEEE conferences where the name next to the conference name might be either the speaker or the organizer of panel/workshop.

  1. ICASSP’22 Keynote: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G Challenges and Technology Trends: Signal Processing Perspective”, May 27, 2022, https://2022.ieeeicassp.org/industry_keynotes.php.
  2. ICASSP Workshop: Rui Sun, Shaobo Wang, Ganghua Yang, “Massive MIMO for 5.5G and 6G”, May 23, 2022, https://2022.ieeeicassp.org/industry_workshops.php
  3. ICASSP virtual Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “AI for mobile communications”, May 7, 2022, https://www.runtheworld.today/app/invitation/41999
  4. ICASSP student job fair: Lu Lei, Chen Zhongping, May 12, 2022, https://www.runtheworld.today/app/invitation/41999
  5. ICC Keynote: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “Native AI for 6G: Net4AI and AI4Net”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/keynotes#Peiying
  6. ICC Executive Forum: Dr. Wen Tong, “The Progress of 6G: A Check Point”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/executive-forums
  7. ICC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “5G-ADVANCED - TECHNOLOGIES, TIMELINE, AND RELATION TO 6G”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-panels#IP-1
  8. ICC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “TECHNICAL MATURITY ON TRANSCEIVER IMPLEMENTATION & APPLICATION POTENTIALS FOR FDR”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-panels#IP-6
  9. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G Will Revolutionize AI”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-2-special-workshop-6g-current-research-trends-and-open-challenges#Tong
  10. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong, “4TH WORKSHOP ON INTEGRATED SENSING AND COMMUNICATION (ISAC)”, May 16, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-7-workshop-integrated-sensing-and-communication-isac
  11. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong, “WORKSHOP ON SEMANTIC COMMUNICATIONS”, May 16, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-14-workshop-terahertz-communications
  12. ICC Industry Presentation: Zhenfei Tang, Yi Wang, “HCS: HARMONIZED COMMUNICATION AND SENSING”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-presentations#IW-3
  13. WCNC Keynote: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “Continuous Innovation of Wireless Networks for an Intelligent and Sustainable Future”, April 11, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/keynotes
  14. WCNC Executive Forum: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G USE CASES, REQUIREMENTS, AND KEY CAPABILITIES”, April 12, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/executive-forum
  15. WCNC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “AI FOR NETWORK AND NETWORK FOR AI”, April 13, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  16. WCNC Panel: Sun Rui, Tang zhenfei, “FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE: EMERGING ANTENNA ARRAY TECHNOLOGIES FOR 5G-ADVANCED”, April 13, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  17. WCNC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “SUB-THZ INNOVATIONS FOR 6G WIRELESS”, April 12, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  18. EUCAP Keynote: Dr. Wen Tong, “Future Massive MIMO Antenna Technologies for 5G and 6G”, March 28, 2022, https://www.eucap2022.org/conference/invited-and-keynote-speakers_new


Updated day: 2022-05-03.