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This is to list the industry speeches of 5.5G&6G in IEEE conferences where the name next to the conference name might be either the speaker or the organizer of panel/workshop. Updated day: 2023-06-25

2023 Year:

  1. EuCAP Workshop, Wen Tong, “Novel Antenna and Architecture for Future 6G Wireless Communication and Sensing”, March 26-31, Florence, Italy; https://www.eucap2023.org/preliminary-programme
  2. WCNC Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “A Roadmap and Enabling Technologies for a Global 6G Standard”, March 26-29, Glasgow, U.K.; https://wcnc2023.ieee-wcnc.org/program/keynotes#keynote1
  3. WCNC Panel, Jean Claude Belfiore, “Will Semantics Be The Disruption That People Are Expecting For 6G?”, March 26-29, Glasgow, U.K.; https://wcnc2023.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-program
  4. WCNC Panel, Peiying Zhu, “On the road to Quantum Communications”, March 26-29, Glasgow, U.K.; https://wcnc2023.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-program
  5. 6G Summit Dresden Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “Beyond-communications technologies in 6G: AI and ISAC”, May 9-10, Dresden, Germany; https://5gsummit.org/dresden/
  6. ICC Keynote, Wen Tong, “The Effectiveness Communications – a m2mGPT”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/keynotes#keynote8
  7. ICC Executive Forum, Wen Tong, “Do we really need 6G?”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-program/executive-forums
  8. ICC Panel, Peiying Zhu, “The 6G radio Interface”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-program/industry-panels
  9. ICC Panel, Yan Chen, “6G for a sustainable future”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-program/industry-panels
  10. ICC Industry Presentations, Jianglei Ma, “6G: Limitless connectivity”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-program/industry-presentations
  11. ICC Industry Presentations, Peiying Zhu, “6G integrated sensing and communication, ISAC – from theory to practice”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-program/industry-presentations
  12. ICC Workshop Panel, Peiying Zhu, “The Nexus of Wireless Networks and AI through Digital Twins”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops
  13. ICC Workshop, Wen Tong, “2nd workshop on semantic communications”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops
  14. ICC Workshop Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “6G ISAC”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops
  15. ICC Live Demonstration in opening day, “6G UAV on the way”, May 29, Rome, Italy. 
  16. ICC Technical Panel, Tengjiao Wang, “Electromagnetic Information Theory: Theoretical Foundations for the Massive MIMO Evolution”, May 28-June 1, Rome, Italy; https://icc2023.ieee-icc.org/program/technical-panel-sessions
  17. VTC-spring Keynote, Wen Tong, “The 6G RAN to Support the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) Based Applications”, June 20-23, Florence, Italy; https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2023-spring/speaker/wen-tong/
  18. VTC-spring Workshop, Tengjiao Wang/Shaobo Wang, “The 3rd International Workshop on Electromagnetic Information Theory (EIT 2023)”, June 20-23, Florence, Italy; https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2023-spring/authors/workshop-call-for-papers/w10-the-3rd-international-workshop-on-electromagnetic-information-theory-eit-2023/
  19. EUCNC&6G summit Keynote, Wen Tong, “On the Convergence Route for 6G”, June 6-9, Gothenburg, Sweden; https://www.eucnc.eu/programme/keynotes/
  20. EUCNC&6G summit Panel, Wen Tong, “Dialogue with Industry Leaders”, June 6-9, Gothenburg, Sweden; https://www.eucnc.eu/programme/panels/panel-2/
  21. ICASSP Entrepreneurship Forum, Yingpei Lin, “Progress of 5G Advanced -Challenges and Road Ahead”, June 4-10, Rhodes Island, Greece; https://2023.ieeeicassp.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/443/ICASSP_2023_Entrepreneurship_Forum_and_Startup_Fair_Agenda_final_v2.pdf
  22. ICASSP Workshop, Yi Qin, “on AI-empowered Semantic/Feature-based Communications towards Wireless Metaverse”, June 4-10, Rhodes Island, Greece; https://2023.ieeeicassp.org/industry-workshops/#1683286469568-9fa0f401-0f1c
  23. ICASSP Workshop Keynote, Yingpei Lin, “How does feature-based multimedia communications change future wireless connection”, June 4-10, Rhodes Island, Greece; https://2023.ieeeicassp.org/industry-workshops/#1683286469568-9fa0f401-0f1c
  24. ICASSP Student Job Events, June 4-10, Rhodes Island, Greece.
  25. ISIT Invited Talk, Wen Tong/Huazi Zhang, “TBD”, June 25-30, Taiwan, China; https://isit2023.org/
  26. CTW Keynote, Wen Tong, “TBD”, July 2-5, Taiwan, China; https://ctw2023.ieee-ctw.org/program-0
  27. ICCC Workshop, Tengjiao Wang, “Holographic MIMO Communications”, August 10-12, Dalian, China; https://iccc2023.ieee-iccc.org/workshop/holographic-mimo-communications
  28. MeditCom Keynote, Jean Claude Belfiore, “TBD”, September 4-7, Dubrovnik, Croatia; https://meditcom2023.ieee-meditcom.org/
  29. MeditCom Panel, Riccado, “TBD”, September 4-7, Dubrovnik, Croatia; https://meditcom2023.ieee-meditcom.org/
  30. PIMRC Keynote, Wenshuan Dang, “TBD”, September 5-8, Toronto, Canada; https://pimrc2023.ieee-pimrc.org/program/keynote-speakers/
  31. PIMRC Workshop, Wen Tong, “Integrated sensing and communication (ISAC)”, September 5-8, Toronto, Canada; https://pimrc2023.ieee-pimrc.org/program/workshops/3rd-international-workshop-on-terahertz-for-integrated-sensing-and-communication-thz-isac/
  32. PIMRC Workshop, Wen Tong, “Mega constellation satellite network for 6G”, September 5-8, Toronto, Canada; https://pimrc2023.ieee-pimrc.org/program/workshops/mega-constellation-satellite-network-for-6g/
  33. PIMRC Workshop, Tengjiao Wang/Shaobo Wang, “Electromagnetic Information Theory”, September 5-8, Toronto, Canada; https://pimrc2023.ieee-pimrc.org/program/workshops/electromagnetic-information-theory/
  34. PIMRC Workshop, Su Huang, “New techniques on positioning and sensing for cellular netowrks”, September 5-8, Toronto, Canada; https://pimrc2023.ieee-pimrc.org/program/workshops/new-techniques-on-positioning-and-sensing-for-cellular-networks/
  35. SPAWC Keynote, Wen Tong, “TBD”, September 25-28, Shanghai, China; http://2023spawc.aconf.org/keynotes.html
  36. SPAWC Panel, Zhenfei Tang/Shaobo Wang, “mmWave evolution in 5G Advanced”, September 25-28, Shanghai, China; http://2023spawc.aconf.org/keynotes.html
  37. WFIOT Workshop, Hao Xu, “Next-gen decentralized dependable intelligent and connected IOT: challenges and opportunities”, October 12-27, Portugal; https://wfiot2023.iot.ieee.org/program/workshops
  38. WCSP Keynote, Yingpei Lin, “TBD”, November 2-4, Hangzhou, China; http://www.ic-wcsp.org/2023/show.asp?id=39
  39. Globecom Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “TBD”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/program/keynotes
  40. Globecom Workshop, Tengjiao Wang/Shaobo Wang, “The 5th International Workshop on Electromagnetic Information Theory (EIT)”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/workshop/ws17-5th-international-workshop-electromagnetic-information-theory-eit
  41. Globecom Workshop, Wen Tong, “8th Workshop on Integrated Sensing and Communications for Internet of Things”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/workshop/ws21-8th-workshop-integrated-sensing-and-communications-internet-things
  42. Globecom Workshop, Peiying Zhu/Jian Li, “2nd Workshop on Propagation Channel Models and Evaluation Methodologies for 6G”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/workshop/ws04-2nd-workshop-propagation-channel-models-and-evaluation-methodologies-6g
  43. Globecom Workshop, Yan Chen, “Next Generation Multiple Access (NGMA) for Future Wireless Communications”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/workshop/ws06-next-generation-multiple-access-ngma-future-wireless-communications
  44. Globecom Workshop, Wen Tong, “Channel Coding beyond 5G”, December 4-8, Malaysia; https://globecom2023.ieee-globecom.org/workshop/ws12-channel-coding-beyond-5g

2022 Year:

  1. Globecom Keynote, Wen Tong, “Non-Terrestrial Massive-Satellite Communications Networks”, Dec. 4-8, Rio, Brazil; https://globecom2022.ieee-globecom.org/program/keynotes
  2. Globecom Executive Forum, Wen Tong, “6G FOR VERTICALS – WHAT CAN WE DO BETTER THAN 5G?”, Dec. 4-8, Rio, Brazil; https://globecom2022.ieee-globecom.org/program/keynotes
  3. Globecom workshop, Wen Tong, “Channel Coding beyond 5G”, Dec. 4-8, Rio, Brazil; https://globecom2022.ieee-globecom.org/
  4. Globecom workshop, Peiying Zhu, “Propagation Channel Models and Evaluation Methodologies for 6G”, Dec. 4-8, Rio, Brazil; https://globecom2022.ieee-globecom.org/
  5. Globecom Panel, Tengjiao Wang, “Electromagnetic Information Theory: Theoretical Foundations for the Massive MIMO Evolution”, Dec. 4-8, Rio, Brazil; https://globecom2022.ieee-globecom.org/program/industry-panels
  6. WCSP Keynote, Wen Tong, “Machine Learning Based Post-Shannon Cognition Communications”; November 1-3, Nanjing. http://www.ic-wcsp.org/2022/keynote.html
  7. CTW Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “6G Integrated Sensing and Communications – From Theory to Practice”, 2–5 October 2022, Marbella, Spain. https://ctw2022.ieee-ctw.org/
  8. IPIN Keynote, Gaoke Du, “Harmonized Communication and Sensing for 5G-Advanced Systems”, Sept. 5-7, 2022, Beijing. http://www.ipin-conference.org/2022/
  9. IPIN competition Track 8, Shaobo Wang, Yi Wang, “5G positioning”, Sept. 5-7, 2022, Beijing. http://www.ipin-conference.org/2022/
  10. IPIN tutorial, Yi Wang, Su Huang etc, “Wireless positioning”, Sept. 5-7, 2022, Beijing. http://www.ipin-conference.org/2022/
  11. PIMRC Keynote, 12-15, September, Wen Tong, “Centimeter Wave Spectrum for 6G”; Virtual conference, Japan. https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/
  12. PIMRC Panel, Yan Chen, “6G for a Sustainable Future – What is Missing Today?”, 12-15, September, Virtual conference, Japan. https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/
  13. PIMRC Panel, Peiying Zhu, “Short range communication and sensing in 6G: How much better can we do than today’s WiFi?”, 12-15, September, Virtual conference, Japan. https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/
  14. PIMRC Panel, Zhenfei Tang, “Embracing AI in 5G-Advanced and the Road to 6G”, 12-15, September, Virtual conference, Japan. https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/
  15. PIMRC workshop, Wen Tong, “Terahertz for Integrated Sensing and Communication (THz-ISAC)”, 12-15, September, Virtual conference, Japan. https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/
  16. VTC-fall Keynote, Peiying Zhu, “Future Massive MIMO Technologies for 5G-Beyond and 6G”, 26-29, September, London/Beijing;  https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2022-fall/
  17. VTC-fall Panel, Zhenfei Tang, Yi Wang, “Why 5G-Advanced is different from 5G?”, 26-29, September, London/Beijing; https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2022-fall/industry-tracks/
  18. VTC-fall Panel, Jianjun Wu, Rong Li, “Towards Native-AI Wireless Networks”, 26-29, September, London/Beijing; https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2022-fall/industry-tracks/
  19. ICCC Keynote, Wen Tong, “New Channel coding for extreme data rate applications”, August 11-13, Foshan, China. https://iccc2022.ieee-iccc.org/.
  20. ICCC workshop, Wen Tong, “Information Theory and Coding for Future Wireless”, August 11-13, Foshan, China. https://iccc2022.ieee-iccc.org/.
  21. ISIT 2022 Lunch Speech, Wen Tong/Huazi Zhang, “6G Tbps and Low-Power Channel Coding is Feasible”, 13:30-14:20, July 1, 2022 at Aalto. https://www.isit2022.org/
  22. SPAWC 2022 Keynote: Wen Tong, “Native-AI Enabled 6G Networks – Challenges and Design Aspects”; July 4-6, Oulu, Finland. https://2022.ieeespawc.org/
  23. VTC-spring 2022 Keynote, Wen Tong, “Building the Mega Constellation Satellite Network: 6G-NTN”, Tuesday – 21 June 2022, https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2022-spring/conference-sessions/keynote-speakers-and-panels/
  24. VTC-Spring workshop: Tengjiao Wang/Shaobo Wang, “Electromagnetic Information Theory towards 5G-Advanced(5.5G EIT)”, June 19-22, Helsinki, Finland. https://events.vtsociety.org/vtc2022-spring/
  25. EUCNC&6G summit Keynote: Egon Schultz, “6G Drives Europe Innovations for the Next Decades”, June 10, Grenoble, France. https://www.eucnc.eu/programme/keynotes/
  26. 5G++ Summit Panel: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G is a network for AI”, Dresden, May 12, 2022. https://5gsummit.org/dresden/
  27. ICASSP’22 Keynote: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G Challenges and Technology Trends: Signal Processing Perspective”, May 27, 2022, https://2022.ieeeicassp.org/industry_keynotes.php.
  28. ICASSP Workshop: Rui Sun, Shaobo Wang, Ganghua Yang, “Massive MIMO for 5.5G and 6G”, May 23, 2022, https://2022.ieeeicassp.org/industry_workshops.php
  29. ICASSP virtual Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “AI for mobile communications”, May 7, 2022, https://www.runtheworld.today/app/invitation/41999
  30. ICASSP student job fair: Lu Lei, Chen Zhongping, May 12, 2022, https://www.runtheworld.today/app/invitation/41999
  31. ICC Keynote: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “Native AI for 6G: Net4AI and AI4Net”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/keynotes#Peiying
  32. ICC Executive Forum: Dr. Wen Tong, “The Progress of 6G: A Check Point”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/executive-forums
  33. ICC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “5G-ADVANCED - TECHNOLOGIES, TIMELINE, AND RELATION TO 6G”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-panels#IP-1
  34. ICC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “TECHNICAL MATURITY ON TRANSCEIVER IMPLEMENTATION & APPLICATION POTENTIALS FOR FDR”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-panels#IP-6
  35. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G Will Revolutionize AI”, May 18, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-2-special-workshop-6g-current-research-trends-and-open-challenges#Tong
  36. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong, “4TH WORKSHOP ON INTEGRATED SENSING AND COMMUNICATION (ISAC)”, May 16, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-7-workshop-integrated-sensing-and-communication-isac
  37. ICC Workshop: Dr. Wen Tong,“WORKSHOP ON SEMANTIC COMMUNICATIONS”, May 16, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/workshops/ws-14-workshop-terahertz-communications
  38. ICC Industry Presentation: Zhenfei Tang, Yi Wang, “HCS: HARMONIZED COMMUNICATION AND SENSING”, May 17, 2022, https://icc2022.ieee-icc.org/program/industry-presentations#IW-3
  39. WCNC Keynote: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “Continuous Innovation of Wireless Networks for an Intelligent and Sustainable Future”, April 11, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/keynotes
  40. WCNC Executive Forum: Dr. Wen Tong, “6G USE CASES, REQUIREMENTS, AND KEY CAPABILITIES”, April 12, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/executive-forum
  41. WCNC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “AI FOR NETWORK AND NETWORK FOR AI”, April 13, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  42. WCNC Panel: Sun Rui, Tang zhenfei, “FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE: EMERGING ANTENNA ARRAY TECHNOLOGIES FOR 5G-ADVANCED”, April 13, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  43. WCNC Panel: Dr. Peiying Zhu, “SUB-THZ INNOVATIONS FOR 6G WIRELESS”, April 12, 2022, https://wcnc2022.ieee-wcnc.org/program/industry-panels
  44. EUCAP Keynote: Dr. Wen Tong, “Future Massive MIMO Antenna Technologies for 5G and 6G”, March 28, 2022, https://www.eucap2022.org/conference/invited-and-keynote-speakers_new