4th International Workshop on 5G/5G+ Communications in Higher Frequency Bands (5GCHFB)
in conjunction with IEEE Globecom’17, December 4, 2017
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Frequency bands above 6 GHz are candidate for 5G mobile communications because there are up to tens of GHz of spectrum available. Promising 5G techniques include novel beamforming techniques using massive antenna arrays, low form factor chip-scale antennas for base stations and user devices, adaptive backhauling and various system and deployment issues. Recently, THz bands are becoming promising techniques for 5G enhancements or beyond 5G systems. The ultra-high data rate enables THz in applications to a wide range of short range communications. This workshop will provide a forum for both industry and academia to exchange views and visions. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:
•  Cellular system design @ mm Wave
•  THz communications
•  mmWave with out-of-band information (e.g. lower-band channel, RADAR)
•  Positioning, location techniques in mmWave
•  Hybrid MIMO and beamforming
•  New RF for mm Wave signals
•  Radio transmission technology
•  Unified access and backhauling
•  Use of license-exempt spectrum
•  Channel measurement propagation characteristics and channel model
•  Prototype assessment and verification

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December 4, 2017